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Vaduz, The Small Capital Of Liechtenstein

Vaduz is the name of the small city that is also the capital city of Liechtenstein. The population is no more than 5,000 inhabitants, which places it among the smallest capital cities in the world and makes for a quiet, laid back atmosphere.

Another city in Liechtenstein, Schaan, is a little bigger, but most locations in the country are quite small in size. Vaduz is the residence of the Prince, and it houses the main castle and many important museums. Tourists come here to see these buildings and enjoy the atmosphere of a small town. Even if it does not sport a wide array of attractions, Vaduz has its charm, and you should not miss it on a tour around Europe even if you intend to spend only little time here.

Among the most important buildings in Vaduz, you will find Kunst Museum, which is an art museum housing an impressive collection of art exhibits. On the first floor, you will discover a new exhibition every now and then in the Tate Modern style.

You only have to walk five minutes from the center of the city in order to reach the Prince’s Wine Collection. The collection is housed by a vineyard located in the northern part of the city and is accessible by foot.

The Prince’s Castle is one of the most important locations to visit in Vaduz. Climbing the hill on which the castle stands proud, will guarantee you some amazing views of the city. The walk up the hill is not very challenging or strenuous, so it can be undertaken by almost anybody. You will not be allowed to enter inside the castle, but you can walk around the structure and take in the views. If you travel to Vaduz during winter, be aware that the ground can get quite slippery, which means that you need to bring proper footwear with you to avoid an accident.

The wooden bridge over the Rhine River is a quaint landmark of Vaduz and Liechtenstein. You can only travel on a bicycle on the bridge as car access is strictly forbidden. If you want to travel from Liechtenstein to Switzerland and you are behind the wheel, you need to travel up the river in order to use a proper bridge. The Swiss Autobahn is the main access which you can take with your car.

If you are traveling from Vaduz to Switzerland, you need to drive on Zollstrasse to the river; you will find it convenient that there are no checks at the border.

If you enter one of the most important shops in Vaduz, you will be able to buy some flags, cuckoo clocks and t-shirts in the colors of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Passport stamps can be acquired at the Tourist Information office for 3 Euros a piece. You can also buy postal stamps and postcards.

Traveling outside Vaduz will take you to a small village where you will find some retail shops to do some shopping.

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