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University Students Bond Loans

You’re hundreds of kilometres away from home and all the creature comforts that go with living with your parents. The dorms filled up fast and you’re faced with renting a place off campus and dealing with all the unexpected costs that go with setting up your own apartment. Tuition is paid for but now you need to buy books and supplies. Your folks are helping but can’t spring for it all and you can only work part time because of classes and homework. So how on earth are you going to manage a rental bond?

Sunshine Brokers doesn’t want your college experience to be over before it even gets started. They’ve made University Students Bond Loans to help you with the rental bond so you can get all the books and supplies you need for the semester.

Sunshine Brokers has been helping Australians with last minute, unexpected expenses for more than a decade. A family-owned business, they understand the importance of education and have even developed an online application system that is so uncomplicated it takes only five minutes to apply and submit. And while we encourage you to submit an application on any day, at any hour, should you choose to submit your Sunshine Brokers application for University Students Bond Loans during standard business hours you’ll be able to take advantage of their express, fast approval service – and quite possibly be eligible for receiving your funds the same day you apply.

Sunshine Brokers, exclusive to Sunshine Loan Centres, asks that you be at least 18 years of age, hold proper identification, provide proof of income, a current bank account and that you are able to show you’ve not defaulted on a past loan. A variety of finance options are available from which to choose and there are no penalties for early pay outs. Plus there are no restrictions or conditions dictating how your funds are to be spent. Sunshine Brokers believes those decisions are best made by you.

If your plans for entering Uni have been complicated by the unexpected need of a rental bond, don’t turn the car around, speak to one of the expert loan crew at Sunshine Brokers (1300 557 003) or apply direct online for a University Students Bond Loans loan.

University students bond loans by Sunshine Brokers Home Owners Bridging Bond Loans from Sunshine Brokers.

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