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The Credit Crunch – What Is It?

THE CREDIT CRUNCH – The words everyone has begun to hate and fear. TV now uses it as a great marketing tool. Bit sick if you ask me. People are losing their homes, their families, their jobs, it’s disgusting and the rich are just cashing in and getting richer. But here’s an idea, why not get rich yourself. Instead of wanting to die, or kill the guy next to you out of frustration, build your own empire.

In the poorer countries, they are expert at doing this. There are no jobs there, so the people turn their hands at doing things themselves and make a good living. Say you are a mechanic, or, maybe you are just gifted at fixing cars. Start doing that. Fix your friends cars (always charge them, never do it for free) and then do THEIR friends cars and so on. Build yourself a reputation. Undercut all the garages around you and you will make a fairly good living. You don’t need to get yourself into knots. Learn to turn your hand to what you are good at. Focus on what you can do, not what you’ve just lost.

In times of distress, we focus on what we don’t have, because that’s what we are programmed to do. Don’t do that. It is so hard to make a living out of anything these days and everyone is out for themselves. I get that, but just the little you can do, will make you feel good about yourself and if you feel good about yourself, suddenly a whole new world of possibilities will open to you. It’s how it works. Nothing works when we are feeling down and desperate.

Get away from desperation, and start thinking about how you can become your own boss. This will give you tremendous power and a sense of achievement. Forget about those words THE CREDIT CRUNCH. Don’t let fear come anywhere into your thinking realm. Just push on ahead no matter what.

We need courage now. We all need so much courage and it’s so hard for all of us. It is hard to watch some people have it so good when we have it so bad, but if you can keep believing that you too will soon have it good then you’ll be more than fine before you know it.

All I can honestly tell you, is not to be afraid and to work on what you know you can do to make a living.

Be at peace, we have to be, and be determined to make your own way forward.

Deborah Mann

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