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Student Newspaper: Valuable Sources Of Information

Prior to enrolling in any educational institution, whether it is a college, a school or university, students tend to search for as much info as possible on the institutions. Most info is distributed through informational brochures as well as websites. The information on these resources is usually of an advertisements nature, and so, does not completely reflect reality. Other sources might exist, however. Thus, the article argues that student newspapers are good source of information that will aid gaining an insight into most areas of students life in a certain institution.


Student press plays a vital role in the life of learners during the study period. Student press, although monitored by the administration of educational facilities, is usually run by college students, where they have the freedom of the matters to write about. The main objective of student press offers a chronicle of life on campus, covering all major events occurring. Being run by students, the info in student press is not focused on readers out of the campus, and so, such info isn’t of commercial nature.


The rewards of student newspapers are endless, one of which is providing learners with valuable info on the latest news in college, including any situations that students should be aware about. Also, newspapers can be perceived as a place where learners, teachers, and other staff can talk about different significant subjects, associated with education and also campus life. In the context of college students who think about enrolling in a particular college, student newspapers is a source of valuable information, which will truthfully reveal any existent troubles on campus and an insight into students cultural as well as social life. Unlike brochures, the target audience of student newspapers is current students, and thus, the goal is to inform, rather than impress or draw in new students.

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