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Student Loans With Bad Credit: Some Factors to Think About

Student Loans With Bad Credit: Some Factors to Think About

With the high education costs there are less chances that one can fuel the needs on their own without taking the help of the student loans. Students generally do not have a credit history of their own and with no fixed income they are less likely to convince the lenders that they can pay the money they take in the form of loans. Private lenders offer loans to the students at a high rate of interest as they find it difficult take the risks associated with the loans.

Private lenders have often faced a lot of situations in the past where they have lost millions to the student loan defaults. With the worsening economic conditions, the chances of students securing a loan after they graduate has diminished. Companies are seen reducing their cost to meet the lower demand scenario and reduction in the job opportunities is one of the major activities adopted by the companies. The risk associated with the student loans in the prevailing conditions are extremely high and lenders are following strict guidelines when it comes to making lending decisions. Well, all is not bad because the government being aware of the situation has come out with the Federal loans which offer loans to the students irrespective of their no credit history and the backing which they normally fail to arrange.

it is of great value if you have the requisite information about the kind of Federal loans available for the students. Not only does it help in your decision making but it also offers  you the knowledge of the different kinds of loans which are available to the students at affordable rates. However, these loans come with their own set of requirements which the students need to fulfill to be able to get these loans. One must gather all the information about the qualifying criteria for these loans.

Advantages of Federal Loans

Federal loans are the most sought after loans by the students to fund their education. These loans are easy to qualify , offer great interest rates and flexible payment terms which makes it the most attractive. Since these loans are specifically designed for the purpose the students need to look no further than them. There are different advantages associated with the loan which come a lot handy when it comes to making a decision for them.

Since these loans are specifically designed for the students, they already take into account the fact that the students have no credit history of their own and hence they would not be able to offer documents which can confirm if that the borrowers i.e. the students have a surety of returning their no credit check loans.

However, the real challenge is when you are not able to secure the Federal loans and are required to take the student loans from the private lenders. These loans in the first place become difficult to get and even if any of the lenders agree for the same they may ask for really high interest rates and cosigners and collaterals to secure their loan amount.

Of all the different kinds of Federal loans the ones which seem to be the most popular ones are the Stafford loans and the Perkins loans. While both these loans are aimed at offering the best interest rates and flexible terms to the students there is a slight difference between the two. The Stafford loans are aimed at offering support to the students coming straight from the high school while the Perkins loans are meant for those facing financial issues.

Alternative Loan Options

One must note that the parents of the students with excellent credit histories does not in any ways affect the chances of them getting the loans even if they have bad credit. Under the Federal loans , if the students have bad credit qualifying the same is never a problem. In fact the borrower in case of the bad credit of the students becomes the parents and hence their financials are of no value to the lenders.

The loans offered to the students parents are referred to as the PLUS loans and they are granted through the US department of Education. These loans are given on the assumption that the parents generally support the students with the education and hence will be more interested in paying the cost of education by means of the loans.

Since these loans are given to the parents and the repayments are done by them, the loans are technically seen as the parent loans and not the student loans.