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Small Business American Express Saturday Weekend

What is Small Business Saturday?  Small Business Saturday is the newest addition to the holiday season.  Just like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is designed for customers to patronize the local businesses.  Normally most of the holiday shopping is done at the larger vendors while the smaller Mom and Pop shops get a marginal increase in holiday traffic.  Well, this is the reason for Small Business Saturday to help promote the smaller shops during the holiday season so they can get some love too.

American Express is the primary sponsor of this new holiday.  They are the inventors of this event which was designed specifically to target smaller stores.  Everyone knows how important small businesses are to the growth and success of our entire economy.  Buying from local vendors possibly creates jobs which can in the long run repair our economy.  A key indicator of the importance of small business to a community is when $ 1.00 is spent roughly $ .68 is returned to that community.  This is a great incentive to shop at the local independent stores.

The incentive from American Express to get customers to shop on Small Business Saturday is for every customer of American Express who has an Amex card, AE will give you $ 25 just to participate in this program.  In order to keep track of who signs up for this program Amex card holders need to go the Amex website and register your American Express Card.  You will receive $ 25 on your credit card statement as you spend more than $ 25 at any local business that takes AMEX cards.  There is an enrollment limited to the first 100,000 people so anyone that is interested need to register quickly.

There is also a Facebook advertising deal for business owners who will participate with this wonderful event.  For the first 10,000 business owners who enroll in this program they will receive $ 100 in free Facebook advertising.  
So in the end if shoppers can patronize the larger online and offline retail chains, stand in long lines days before their favorite store opens, spend hundreds of dollars on items, then how much more important is it to assist our local economy through our small business.  Take this Saturday November 27, 2010 and do a good thing for your community and city.


To learn more about this event and to register visit Small Business Saturday!!

Spent: Looking For Change (Debbie's Story) | American Express

Meet Debbie, featured in Spent: Looking For Change, at

Debbie runs her own custom leather handbag business, Debil Leather ( After paying her way through school, Debbie is still working to pay off large student loan debts. Debbie works tirelessly to build her business. However, she is unable to get a business loan and relies on cash and a secured credit card with a limit of 0 that she was able to get from her bank.

Taken from “Spent: Looking For Change”, which follows the stories of everyday Americans who earn, save, and spend money but don’t have access to some of the financial tools most take for granted. Check out the full length documentary on

“Spent: Looking For Change” is produced in partnership with award-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (Waiting for Superman, An Inconvenient Truth, It Might Get Loud).

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