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SAP Article:
SAP Training is required for both by SAP users and other IT professionals. To remain relevant, you have to be equipped with domain and functional knowledge with some basics on IT. SAP Training is an opportunity to proactively move your function experience and IT career to SAP domain.
Ten very important things you must consider when you are thinking about SAP Training.
SAP Training focuses on both the theory and practice, SAP Trainingthe acquisition of skills and knowledge. It is therefore an activity that seeks to fill skills and knowledge gaps. If you are a SAP professional your need might be for SAP certification. Before embarking on training you must know what your training needs are. What gap needs to be filled? Is the training need for an organization or an individual? What is your desired career path and specialization? What do you need to know? Are you sure training will close the gap? Set your training objectives carefully. The purpose of your training should be well defined.
To acquire configuration & practical SAP skills, the best training approach is that which uses the See it, Hear it, Do it. i.e. interactive and participative. Listen to concepts and ideas and practice them yourself. Training must combine the right blend of theoretical and practical sessions.
The quality of SAP training varies widely to choose training provider based on substance. They should be assessed with respect to quality of materials, competence of trainers, degree of instructor support, training skills of trainers, counseling facilities, track record, quality of facilities and other quality related issues and should be able to gain from the real world experience of the trainers.
The focus of SAP training should be on effective learning by participants. The gap has to be filled, Training outcome is Key. The trainee has to check the skills and knowledge acquired relevant and adequate. The value of training he has received. The outcome should be much that the trainee must not only learn, but he must also be able to apply the learning.
The primary focus of SAP training should be the acquisition of configuration skills and knowledge; Certification is secondary. Training is not only about immersing in knowledge, its also about creating opportunities for the better career.
If you want to build a career in SAP and you should have a respective educational and functional knowledge. You need to acquire these skills and knowledge to advance your SAP career. Cramming for tests and reading text materials alone are not enough to establish your IT career.
Cost is a major issue in SAP Training, but price should not be your sole determinant for choosing SAP Training or a Training institution. Always do a proper cost benefit analysis before deciding. How do you value the investments, should compare with the training needs. Think not only of your immediate costs but also for present and future opportunities.
All the best instructors, world-class facilities cannot learn for you. You must be prepared to make the effort to learn SAP. Learning involves more than routine attendance of lectures. Your primary role is to learn with a good training setup, there is no mystery to learning. Have to be very committed towards the SAP Training. This often arises due to poor planning and or insufficient motivation. Each day after training, you should go over concepts youve been taught and practice on your own. Else your learning reserved for the classroom only.
You need to consider some important factors when choosing the right learning solution. Each of these important pieces should be used in determining the right training model for you. Instructor-led Online SAP Training seems to achieve more beneficial for students than other training options, most particularly when there is a focus on in-depth hands-on exercises. Instructor-led Online Training is regarded as the most effective means of acquiring SAP skills and knowledge. You must however be prepared to learn at the pace of your training institution.
The training focuses on the acquisition of SAP skills and knowledge. However, if you want to build a career in SAP, there are more issues where you need to work more on technical skills and getting acquitted with SAP knowledge. Need to have soft skills (presentation, communications, marketing, project management, etc) to enhance your value. Your tech skills and training decisions are important, but marketing yourself is also very important.
Furthermore, attitude is important in the real world. Attitude will determine your altitude. Issues like professionalism are important. As an SAP professional you need to develop professional skills and know how training fits into your career plan.
Please go through this table and find which module is suitable for you based on your skills.
SAP CourseExperience/EducationProfessions Suitable
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