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Preparing for Motorcycle Shipping

Transporting your motorcycle can be a scary thought, if you aren’t prepared ahead of time. Whether the bike has to travel across the country or just to the next state from you, taking certain steps will ensure a safe and secure transition. Since you will need the shipping services to get your bike to the new location, it is almost pertinent to hire an expert for the job. You could haul the bike yourself, though there are measures of safety that you will need to take, as well as getting the proper materials for securing the bike. Pick up trucks work well for transporting motorcycles, if you go the route of hauling it yourself. Two or more ratcheting straps will be needed to secure the bike in the center of the bed. Rest the front wheel on the cab as closely as you can. Then place the straps across the bike and secure them tightly. Test the stability by trying to shake or move the bike and adjust the strap accordingly to make it as secure as possible for the trip. If you determine that the trip is too far or you don’t want to take a chance with your bike, then begin your search for motorcycle shipping services. ¬†

There are various types of trailers that a company will offer for your motorcycle shipping solutions. Open transport trailers and enclosed trailers are two of the choices. The enclosed type can hold more than one bike and are very advantageous for protection against weather damage. It is wise to choose an enclosed transport trailer if you will be moving a distance that may span days because there will be less exposure to possible weather threats and damage. On the other hand, if you are traveling a shorter distance, the open transport trailers will suffice and could possibly be less expensive. For a tight budget or a tight time frame, the open trailers are perfect since they are readily available for hauling. Sometimes when you arrange transportation with a multi-motorbike enclosed trailer, it takes longer to schedule shipments that coincide with other owners. Time restraints come into your decision, as well as the value of the bike itself, for you to make the right choice for your circumstances.

Preparing your motorcycle for the trip is important, too. You should thoroughly and completely clean the exterior of the bike. Examine every inch of the motorcycle’s surface as you are washing it. Make notes on a piece of paper of each ding, nick or chip in the paint, as well as any other cosmetic damages that you notice. This will give you a recorded inventory of the condition before the shipping. Another great idea is to take some pictures of the bike at different angles to properly show any dings or flaws. Get some fairly close up shots, as well. On the actual photograph, unless it is digitally produced, write the time and date so that you can retain the written record for your files. These steps will protect you in case the motorbike is not returned in the current condition. Most motorcycle shipping is without incident, though it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Before the transporter picks up your bike or you drop it off, you should remove anything that isn’t attached, such as items in the accessory compartment. Money, keepsakes, jewelry, CD’s or anything else that may be kept inside the box should be taken out. It is not the responsibility of the motorcycle shipping agent to contain these items for you, so you will take the risk of loss or theft if you leave anything inside.

Sandy Winslow is a writer of many topics including transportation of motor vehicles. Finding the right company for motorcycle shipping will take some due diligence on your part, but it can give a huge peace of mind knowing that your prize possession is being handled in the correct fashion.