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My Biggest Lesson in List Building

My biggest lesson in list building goes like this; You have to start building a list in order to learn to list build.  You see, you can try to learn everything about list building from simply reading e-books and articles about the topic but until you actually start building a list you just can’t learn how to apply what you have been reading. Let me explain.

Think of how you learned to drive a car, you probably read a book about driving and read about the road rules. You probably also sat a test on that information.  You could spend many hours studying that book and studying for the theory test, you may even score 100% on the test but after that will you be able to drive?  Chances are you would probably still stall the car the first few times you actually drove.  Learning to drive comes from actually practising what you learnt in the classroom.  The same applies to list building.  Until you start applying the things you have learnt you won’t learn what works for you and in your market.

How can you increase your squeeze page conversion rate if you don’t have a squeeze page?  How can you improve your open and click-through rates if you don’t have anyone to send an email to?

I was a big sucker for this pitfall.  I wanted to make my squeeze page perfect and my emails absolutely perfect before I started subscribing people onto my list.  I was afraid my squeeze page didn’t look the best and I was worried my emails weren’t sounding as good as they could.  So I spent more time trying to work out how to make them better on my own.  I put in weeks of work perfecting my website squeeze page and autoresponder emails. 

Once I had everything perfect (or so I thought) I started sending traffic to that squeeze page.  My list began to grow but I soon noticed my conversion rate and click through rates sucked! How could this be?  I had spent weeks perfecting my squeeze page and my emails.  Soon after this experience I learned that the real learning starts here.  I soon deleted my bad emails and replaced them with better ones and studied my conversion and click through rates and changed little things that slowly improved them both.  Over time I learned how to list build just like over time you learn how to drive, the secret is you just need to start.

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