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Motorcycle Permit

Thinking about purchasing a motorcycle or already have one? If you don’t already have a license to ride it, then you’re going to have to get a motorcycle permit. Here is some basic information on how to get your motorcycle permit so you can legally ride your new bike.

You might be asking yourself, “Why do I need a motorcycle permit?”. The truth is that there is a learning period that you must go through before you can get your actual license. In order to legally ride your motorcycle while you are in this learning period, you have to have the permit.

1. The Motorcycle Permit

In order to get your permit you have to pass a written test that contains a number of questions about riding a motorcycle as well as safety issues. You’ll find that for the most part this test is made up of common sense questions which should be pretty easy to answer. You’ll need to make sure you are familiar with the material, however, because some of the information that you find on the test may not be so apparent.

The material that you need to study for in order to pass the test for your permit is generally available with the department of motor vehicles in your state. In most cases you can access the study material right online.

2. The Motorcycle Permit Test

When you feel you are ready for the actual test, then you can go to the department of motor vehicles office near you and take the written test. If you pass it, you will be rewarded with your permit which means you can go out and ride.

3. Get Plenty Of Riding Experience

The motorcycle permit is designed to give you an opportunity to ride while you are waiting to get your license. During this time you have ample opportunity to work on your good riding skills and prepare yourself for the actual rider test for your license. You’ll want to get as much riding experience as possible so when the day to take your license test actually comes, you will be ready.

4. What You Can And Can’t Do

While the motorcycle permit legally gives you the opportunity to ride, there are some restrictions. In most cases you cannot ride your bike after dark. You are also restricted to riding by yourself only or maybe with someone who is over a certain age. The exact restrictions will vary by state so be sure to familiarize yourself with what they are.

Typically the motorcycle permit will last 6 months and you can renew your permit twice before you absolutely have to try and get your license. If you’re interested in getting a motorcycle or have one already and don’t yet have an actual license, then the motorcycle permit will provide you with the perfect opportunity to ride legally.

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