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Medicus Golf Club Review

It’s amazing how so many golfers will pay hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars to take golf lessons, yet won’t pay for a Medicus golf club. Dollar for dollar, I think the Medicus practice club offers far more value than most golf lessons.

First of all, what is the Medicus club and how does it work? It’s exactly like a golf club with one very important difference. It has two hinges in it so you can actually fold the club up–not that you want to do that. Basically, you swing the club like a regular club and if the club “breaks” at one of the hinges, you know there’s something wrong with your swing.

For example, the backswing of many golfers is much too fast. It’s important to have a smooth, controlled backswing. Sam Snead, during his teaching days, is reputed to have said, “I have never had a student who took the club away too slowly”. If you swing the Medicus club back too quickly, it will break at one of the hinges. This tells you that your backswing is too fast.

It’s also very important to come to a complete stop at the top of your backswing. Again, if you don’t come to a complete stop using the Medicus golf club, it will break, telling you that there’s a problem with that part of your swing.

You also don’t want to club to be more than parallel to the ground at the top of your backswing. (If it goes too far back you must expend excess energy getting the club back around.) What do you think happens if your Medicus club finds itself at an improper angle at the height of your backswing? It tells you by breaking at that point.

Now, while it’s true that the swings of some professional golfers, such as Jim Furyk and Kenny Perry, break the Medicus club every time, these are exceptions rather than the rule. There are always going to be great players in any sport who do things “incorrectly” yet still get excellent results.

Clearly, if you can swing the Medicus club without breaking it, you’ve got a fundamentally sound swing. In fact, a total novice can quickly learn how to swing a golf club using the Medicus practice club without taking any lessons at all!

As far as value, the Medicus golf club far outstrips any kind of golf lesson. Plus, you can learn right in your own backyard, at your own pace. This is one piece of golf equipment every golfer should have in his or her arsenal.

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