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Mario Balotelli and Girlfriend Raffaella Fico in Manchester (Pictures)

Just days after being named as one of the Britain’s Best-dressed Men by GQ magazine, Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli takes the street of Manchester with his model girlfriend Raffaella Fico. The couple both dress in a taste of Italian couture on a cold northern afternoon after enjoying a hearty lunch at San Carlo Italian restaurant.

According to men’s style bible GQ, the controversial Manchester City player is the second best dressed man in Britain. Mario Balotelli is in deed used to making a big impression on and off the pitch; and now he is runner-up to rapper Tinie Tempah in style bible GQ magazine’s annual poll despite famously arriving for a match wearing a ‘chicken hat’ and another time in a training bib.

Mario Balotelli and Raffaella Fico take a walk on the streets of Manchester. The controversial Manchester City player Balotelli dons in black high-top trainers and his jewellery spilling out over his clothes

Raffaella Fico, who has been on the reality TV shows in her native Italy, dressed head to toe in black and wore a thick jacket with black leggings and high heels

Mario Balotelli and girlfriend Raffaella Fico went to San Carlo Italian Restaurant for lunch after they had just returned from a short break back home

Raffaella teams her set of clothes with a large black bag which was decorated with a silver skull and silver studs on

The temperamental football star and his model girlfriend were out for dinner at Wings Restaurant in Lincoln Square, Manchester

During the evening, Mario Balotelli has picked up yet another car fine that comes as no surprise to Manchester City fans. In the pictures, Mario and his model girlfriend Raffaella Fico head back to the car

The Peruvian model and Big Brother reality show star Raffaella Fico offered her first night for sale for $ 1 million price tag. It was believed the buyer was soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo

Raffaella Fico, who paired up with Manchester City footballer Mario Balotelli in June 2011, is a model, actress, showgirl and TV presenter



Mario Balotelli and Girlfriend Raffaella Fico


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John Stevens is an Internet marketer and freelance photographer. He likes collecting photographs of celebrities, posting breaking news and writing articles to comment on outstanding events in the field of entertainment.

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