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Lending a Helping Hand is Not Really Lending at All

Lending a helping hand does not mean waiting until someone asks you to do a favor, or pays you for the assistance, it means offering when you expect nothing in return. In reality, lending a hand, is not really lending at all, although at one time it could have been considered as such, it really means, giving a hand!

In bygone years, when a neighbor lent a hand to someone, he knew without a doubt that when his need arose, that neighbor and many others, for whom he had done nothing, would flock to his rescue and stumble over each other in the process! What a world, eh?

It just may be that the time for such giving and unselfish participation in the lives of others, has come back around to give us all the opportunity to experience the joy of giving a hand to someone in a less fortunate position than ourselves.

In times like these, we see what folks are made of! We see what it means to give from the heart, what it is like to lay your head down at night and feel blessed and peaceful for the gift of giving you have shared.

It isn’t about what you have it’s about what you give! You will find that you never run short of having something to give.

It may be a hand across a street, to an elderly person, standing at the light, hesitating, due to the short length of the walk light. Ever think about how scary it is to someone who knows they cannot make it clear across the street, before the light changes? It may just be that your presence, taking thirty seconds from your day to give, brings peace to the heart of the elderly! How much is that worth?

Lending a helping hand, is contagious it causes us to receive such inner blessing, we find ourselves searching for other ways to pass on this beautiful gift!

Don’t wait for a neighbor to ask, see what you can do to make their lives and work easier and more pleasurable, give the gift that returns the blessing!

Cheryl G Burke