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Learning Sources For Entrepreneurs

Learning the art of delegating is essential as an entrepreneur After all it is an integral part of leadership. Whether you are a leader of an organization, or the manager of your small business, you need to be able to successfully delegate tasks in order to be able to develop your staff and get the job done.

Many bosses obsessively hang on to tasks as they think that only they can do them successfully. Too often, they feel that they must have control of everything in the company. However, that defeats the purpose of having other staff employed at all. Learning to delegate can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time. You can give your staff the most difficult and most menial jobs. Neither it is fair or fitting to give your staff “too easy” jobs which me demotivate them.

Be fair in delegating tasks. Try to match the talents of each staff member with the task in hand. It is no good if you assign a duty to someone who is not motivated to even think of doing it. If you can match their talent to the delegated job, it would be easier to identify the training needs of your workforce and enable you to organise such training. If someone does not feel confident with a particular task make sure that they get the necessary training.

You can also ask the staff in a professional manner to do the job desired. Don’t just throw tasks at them as if they were no-one. If you do you, will end up with a demoralised workforce that is little use to anyone, least of all you. Thank them for getting the job done, assuming that it has been. Credit were credit is due after all and it will motivate them to do better job in future in more efficient manner.

Encourage staff to feel part of a team and to feel useful. Try not to ask staff to do something which you would not be happy to do yourself. Basically I think that you need to use your common sense when delegating and put yourself in your staff’s shoes. By thinking how you would react to certain methods of delegation, and how you would like to be treat, you should be able to delegate in an appropriate and successful manner. 

Author Rangga Rahimsono is a New Media Executive for Talentpreneur Hub, Singapore-based company that provides entrepreneurship training, mentoring and fund raising. Please visit our website at

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