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How to Get Mortgage Relief With So Many Modification Companies Out There

The big question is “How To Get Mortgage Relief”?

There are hundreds of companies that have arisen since the “Mortgage Relief Plan” of our government. How could you possibly know which company can really help you in this financial crises. With estimated three million homes going into foreclosure by the end of 2010, many homeowners have been victim to long hold times, no call back, many promises and little or know results from the hundreds of “Mod Companies” that promise the world. More than a million loans, written during the height of the lending boom, are scheduled to reset to Interest rates that many homeowners will no longer be able to afford.

There Is Hope!

Here some things that you can do to determine which companies are going to help you :

Ask the company for testimonials or referrals from existing clients? If the company doesn’t have testimonials or referral letters, then I would be a little concerned. Any professional service business should have a list of satisfied clients.
Ask what there procedure is to ensure that you will get what you need? The company should have a complete step by step procedure to share with you, so you will understand in completely.
How long has this company been in business? If the company has only been established for 2 years or less, they might not have developed a great service plan for their industry to service their clients. It takes usually 3-5 years in business to deal with trial and error.
What is the background of the company? Check the company on google, look for complaints or disputes.
What is the guarantee of the services? If the company does not perform the way they claim what kind of refund is available?
How many employees do they have? Ask for permanent employees, if they have more temperary employees than permanent, I would have concerns.
What is the average time frame to complete the transactions? Ask them how long will the process take from the point of the first interaction to the last transaction. Most modifications should take around 30-90 days to complete.

I have written this article to hopefully give a small glimpse of clarity on How To Get Mortgage Relief for all you who are in the middle of this financial crises in our country. There are good companies out there that are willing to do all the right things to help America get back on its feet through knowing the client needs, demanding excellence from their associates, enforcing a strict guideline for excellent customer service. And most of all having the experience and knowledge to help you feel safe and secure about trusting their establishment to take care of you.

Tim O’Connor is a 44 year old man who has been in the insurance and financial industry for 4 plus years. Has been in the sales and marketing industry for 14 plus years. Also works in network marketing and internet marketing.