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How Can I Know Which of My Credit Scores Will Be Used by the Bank When I Apply For a Loan?

There is only one way you can find out which of your scores will be used when you seek the help of a financial institution in making a purchase. And that is by getting a copy of your report from the reporting agencies. Experian, Transunion, and Equifax are the three major reporting bureaus that keep records of consumers’ performances which the financial institutions use as a criterion for determining whom they will give financial aid to and how much they will charge on loans that they approve.

When you get your report, you will find that each of the three bureaus have a score which they have arrived at based on the information they get from your financial and transactional activities. However, since the three bureaus each have individual formulas they use in-house to calculate your performance, and the fact that not all creditors report to the three of them, you are likely to find that the three results are not exactly the same, even though they belong to you.

Let us assume, for the purpose of understanding which of your scores will be used, that your Experian=590, Transunion=613, and Equifax=604. In this exampled case, which is the way banks and other financial institutions determine which result to use, the highest and lowest scores will not be used. It is the middle figure, which is 604 calculated by Equifax will be used to make the decision.

But since this is a low figure, you need to take steps to add more points to your file and thus build a good rating that will get the consent of creditors when you seek a loan. To do this, you can either learn the methods and steps that will turn the situation around for you. Or you can choose to employ the services of a professional credit repair agency to do the job for you.

Visit do-it-yourself-credit repair or credit repair services to learn more on raising your credit score 200+ points to get approved for car, home and credit card loans.

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