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Get the benefit from zero Balance Transfer credit cards

Get the benefit from zero Balance Transfer credit cards

To get the most out of your 0 APR credit card, read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign up. For all balance transfer cards, the 0% introductory rate will expire after a designated period. Make sure you know exactly when that period ends by reading the terms of the balance transfer, so you don’t get hit unexpectedly with a high interest rate that will undermine your savings.

Also be sure you are aware of what the transaction charges is for each balance transfer. In some cases there is no fee, and that will be indicated in the card benefits or terms and conditions.

Most credit cards issuer consider convenience checks as balance transfers, but the money can go into your checking account instead of paying off another credit card. Be sure you are aware of the 0% interest period for the convenience checks and the balance transfer has some transaction charges.

Many 0 APR credit cards also offer low interest, cash back, rewards, or frequent flyer miles. Each major section also features business credit cards that offer benefits to the point to that category.