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Force Factor Customer Reviews

So you are looking for Force Factor results? You like most other body building fanatics are probably wondering if this nitric oxide muscle building supplement actually works. Well I found a guy who has been using it in last couple of months with awesome results.

After four years of college, John was extremely out of shape so he decided he just about had enough of getting tired when doing simple things such as walking home after work. This out of shape college graduate decided to join the gym and just started working out like a fool.

Three months of working out resulted in him losing 60 pounds, dropping from 215 pounds in weight to about 150 pounds. A few weeks later more weight was lost, all the way down to about 140 pounds. That is when it was revealed that underneath all that college fat was this skinny guy.

John did not want to go from one extreme to the next. So naturally he started trying to gain muscle. Around February, he ran into an Ad for Force Factor and he thought to himself why not. Worst case scenario, he will be back to being skinny and best case scenario this formula will help with gaining more muscle.

After taking it, almost immediately it was felt that the pump that was usually felt towards the end of the workout was now kicking in the first five minutes of the workout. The more doses taken the better he felt, to the point were workouts were fun and going to the gym was no longer a drag.

It is amazing that on Force Factor he never hit a plateau. However, a couple of times when he stopped taking it a plateau was hit within a few weeks. As soon as the supplement was back in the picture, there was a continuous breaking of plateaus and increasing the weights used for workouts.

Since John started using this formula he has gained about 20 pounds of muscle while his body fat index is continuously dropping. A quick look in the mirror today, muscle is actually visible where there used to be a sack of fat or nothing. It really feels great to see this whole new person in the mirror and positive Force Factor results.

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