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Discover Aragon

Aragon is a Spanish community, located in the Pyrenees, on the border with France. Aragon contains the provinces of Huesca, Zaragoza, and Teruel. Zaragoza is the capital city.

This beautiful region boasts spectacular mountain landscapes alongside vast glacier lakes, and extensive forest reserves, where you can appreciate the rare fauna and flora.

Aragon is a terrain of contrast, with the mountain range Moncayo in the east and the vast plains of the Ebro Valley to the south.

You can relive the spirit of medieval times at The Kingdom of Aragon, a Spanish culture center. The centre houses pieces that will satiate your passion for history and culture.

The impressive mountain ranges are accessible all year long, both for winter sports and for summer picnics. You can also experience, first hand, the regions famous gastronomical delights, traditions, folklore, and artisanship.

Cities of Aragon

The city of Zaragoza is situated on the Ebro River, whose name means strong land. It is one of Spains most monumental cities with a rich heritage from the Romans and Moors. The history is easily accessible at any of the citys museums. Zaragoza was established as the prominent feature of the Ebro Valley. It has a breath-taking landscape and numerous, traditional, picturesque villages, where the old customs are still practiced today. Zaragoza, founded over 2000 years ago, enjoys a blend of old-Iberian, Gothic, Roman, and Arabian heritage. Zaragoza is currently very active in the world economy, playing host to many prominent international fairs.

There are numerous churches and baroque buildings dating back to the 17th century. Inside these historical buildings you will discover wall-paintings of religious arts and culture. You can also check out the Renaissance monument, La Lonja, erected in 1541, which once functioned as a stock exchange bureau.

There are also plentiful museums housing pre-historic and contemporary items, paintings, ceramics, and sculptures.

There are ample palaces around Zaragoza that were built between the 10th and 17th centuries. One example is the splendid Palacio de la Aljafera, a rare Moorish building dating back to the 11th century Taifas dynasty.

Elsewhere, you can visit the Mercado de Lanuza. This Central Market, with its outstanding modernist architecture, was influenced by Paris Eifel Tower.

There are churches, mosques and monasteries whose buildings are unique as they are antique ranging from 14th century till 18th century with extraordinarily plateresque faade, historical crypts and relics of martyrs, gates in neoclassical style and Goya frescos.

Teruel is a largely Moorish dominated city as observed from its Mudejar-influence monuments. It has an interesting cathedral and notable bell towers. There are several quaint churches in San Martin, El Salvador and San Pedro which are worth a look while you are there.

Huesca city, which is situated at the Pyrenees mountain foot hill, has breath-taking landscapes to feast your eyes and soul on.

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