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China Shoes Capital

From a single-family single-family-style hand-shoe machinery shoe-making workshop to a modern enterprise, from the Qing Dynasty starched Street to a modern industrial park, from a single shoe production to form a complete industrial chain, Wuhou interpretation of the 100 shoe years of historical picture.

Today, there are private Wuhou more than 1,300 shoe enterprises, Guoyi pairs of shoes annually, the annual output value of 7 billion yuan, employing more than 10 million people, has become a veritable Chinese shoes capital.

Chengdu, known for the production of women’s shoes, known as the “China Shoes Capital.” Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Quanzhou, in eastern coastal areas, known as the “East.” At present the eastern part of the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure is being rapidly, footwear and other labor-intensive industries forward in China’s western, central and Vietnam transfer. Lower costs of production factors in Sichuan, the western shoes, have become “brand enterprise in China shoes capital base” shoe base support services can provide raw material sourcing, product design, business negotiations, export, transport logistics, financial law, technology training, support services, supporting low cost. Wuhou also has the “China Shoes Capital” of the brand, brought together more than 1,300 shoe factories and more than 800 supporting enterprise, innovation and pattern formation of the private economy, the situation involved in the construction of industrial parks. Therefore, the Chengdu Wuhou in particular is the “East shoes westward,” the preferred way

In July 2003, Chengdu Wuhou Leather Industry Association was formally established, actively organizing enterprises to declare “genuine leather sign”, the Senate, excellent product inspection, to participate in domestic and international large-scale exhibition, a series of activities to build brands; the same year, the establishment of western Sichuan, Shoes Co., Ltd. ; In 2004, the CMC shoes, shoes are the initiative of companies and associations in western China have developed shoes alliance established in a joint western footwear and related supporting industries in order to “quality”, “good faith” as the foundation, to create the West Shoes and western shoes brand footwear for the western region to enhance the overall level of production and operation. In addition to the local well-known enterprises, Wenzhou Red Dragonfly Group, and other well-known companies have joined the development of alliances. Wuhou has also introduced a discount system for enterprise technical innovation loans, on access to national and provincial and municipal brand rewarded, etc. policies. After two years of construction, shoes have begun to take the scale of industrial park.

To co-ordinate for the idea, Chengdu shoe industry development resources have been optimized, the production chain to do so long rough. At present, “Wuhou its capital, the surrounding built garden” shoe industry “are a 2 Garden” strategy is being implemented, Chengdu shoe into a rapid escalation of the development of heavy volume boom.

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