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Chemical reaction calculator

A tool which is used to calculate the expressions in a very easy and efficient manner is known as calculator. chemical reaction calculator is an example of such type of calculator that finds the balanced equation and also finds the equilibrium constant according to the given chemical reaction. In this tool or calculator user only enters the chemical reaction and automatically calculator generates the balanced equation.
This can be understood in a way that it generates the appropriate coefficient for the entered chemical reaction that is very difficult or complicated in the general process done by user himself, especially in case of redox reactions . Many of the chemists find the traditional approach that considers oxidation number cumbersome. Sometimes in the process of half balancing the reaction it is very difficult to find the correct coefficient when oxidation numbers may not be equally attributed. So it is made easy by the Chemical Reaction Calculator.
It can be understood by an example:
CO + H2O → CO2 + H2
In the calculator following steps are followed to generate the accurate result:
1. To understand it, it can also be written with some variables x , y , z; then it will be denoted as
x CO + y H2O + z CO2 = H2
2. In the next step all the quantities for each element must be balanced on both left and right side. So there are system of equations as :
For C : 1 x + 0 y + 1 z = 0
For O : 1 x + 1 y + 2 z = 0
For H: 0 x + 2 y + 0 z = 2
Thus, the values of the system x y and z must be determined first and then equation will be balanced.
3. The balanced chemical reaction is CO2 + H2O → CO + H2.
By using the calculator one cannot make any mistake. But in case of classical approach if one cannot find the fault than he/she would not be able to balance the equation. Chemical calculator is based on the methodology of algebra where values of the variables have to be determined.
Some examples which are based on the calculator:
P2I4 + H3PO4 → P4 + H2O + PH4I : this equation is not balanced and it is balanced with the help of chemical reaction calculator .
Al + O2 → Al2O3
This is also not a balanced equation and it will be balanced as there is 4 atoms of Al react with the 3 atoms of the oxygen then it produce the 2 molecule of Al2O3 . It will show in equation form as
4 Al + 3 O2 → 2 Al2O3
One another reaction is H2 + I2 → HI : in this equation Hydrogen and Iodine react with each other and produce the molecule of HI but this equation is not balanced , so for finding the coefficient use the calculator that find the coefficient as H2 + I2 → 2 HI.

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