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Calculator fun with Canon

If you’re not a human abacus, a calculator can be a lifesaver. And while there are applications, mobile phones and spreadsheet functions that can perform most calculator tasks, many of us still prefer the feel of the calculator in hand. Enter the USB calculator that takes your numbers from screen to spreadsheet.

Canon has the answer with its LS-120PC II USB Calculator.

Canon’s USB calculator looks like an everyday calculator but it has a handy USB component that plugs straight into your laptop. This means you can send results and calculations straight to your PC applications, so you can fill out spreadsheets and enter data straight from the keypad. The calculator also works as a numeric keypad for laptop keyboards which will come in handy if you’re crunching numbers. Meanwhile, it can act as a standalone calculator when disconnected from the computer.

Maths fun

Calculators help us make complex calculations quickly and they help eliminate human error. Basic calculators let us make purchases, set budgets and plan our day to day lives. Meanwhile, advanced machines can help with forecasting trends, examining patterns and plotting complex data sets and formulas.

However, back in primary school, calculators were also a source of fun! Try this maths trick to take you back to the days:

1. Think of a three digit number where the digits are in descending order (ie 432, 951 etc) and punch it into the calculator.

2. Then, reverse the digits and subtract this from the first number. (So you’ll be subtracting 234 from 432).

3. Add the new result to its reverse. (So if you have 198 displayed on your calculator, you’ll be adding this to 891).

4. What’s your answer?

Regardless of your starting number, the answer will always be 1089.

No matter what sort of calculator you’re looking for, there’s a Canon machine to suit your needs. A printing calculator lets you double check your work while the USB calculator will input your results straight into your computer. You’ll find plenty of calculators to suit a wide variety of maths tasks from Canon.

This article is brought to you by Canon New Zealand – Calculator fun with Canon. For more great Canon products for your business including calculators, printers and business solutions, visit their website

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