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Buy to Let Mortgage – The Guide

A Buy to Let Mortgage is designed to allow the Mortgage holder to rent a property out and to earn rental income from the tenants of this property. Buy to Let Mortgages have been exceptionally popular in the past. Many people have taken advantage of market conditions and made a significant amount of money using their Buy to Let Mortgage to do so.

In today’s market there are fewer Buy to Let Mortgages available and as such it can be difficult to find a fantastic deal.

The Advantages of Buy to Let Mortgages
In the right circumstances a Buy to Let Mortgage can be an extremely effective way of funding the purchase of a property and earning rental income from it too.
The obvious advantages of Buy to Let Mortgages are that you can use the rental income the property generates to pay off your mortgage and any excess income generated by the property can be pocketed by you. If used to full effect Buy to Let Mortgages can be a great investment.

The Disadvantages of Buy to Let Mortgages
A Buy to Let Mortgage is an investment and like any investment they carry a risk. If you fail to let your property out you need to be sure that you can still meet your Mortgage repayments. If you fail to do so your property is at risk of repossession.

Letting a property and generating income from it requires a lot of hard work. As a landlord there will be certain regulations you will have to adhere to and you will need to factor these into your costs. Also, as the property owner you will still be responsible for maintenance of the property and this can be expensive

Very often, a Buy to Let Mortgage lender will insist that the monthly income generated by the property has to be 125% of the expected Mortgage repayments. Also, most Buy to Let Mortgage lenders will offer to lend up to 85% of the property value at most. This means that you may need to raise a 15% deposit for your Buy to Let property.

Before signing up to a Buy to Let Mortgage you may wish to obtain some Buy to Let advice. An Independent financial adviser can talk you through how a Buy to Let Mortgage could work for you and help you avoid the pitfalls.



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