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Benefits of Small Business Credit Cards

Benefits of Small Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards give your business the chance to earn fringe benefit for your business and your employees.  Charging expenses on a business credit card can gain cash back on all purchases and many cards have no cap on earnings rewards. Most cards let you earn reward points which can be redeemed for travel and helping bring down the cost of flying business class. Benefits include 0% introductory APR’s, expense management reporting and higher credit lines.

Small business credit cards provide easy access to credit to help you manage your cash flow; they also come with legion benefits that can be helpful in the day-to-day management of your business. Get offer many great features and best of all, the cash-back and rewards programs, which most small business credit cards offer to save money.

Many business credit cards have high initial credit lines, depending on the credit history of your business. Most small business credit cards also come with attractive introductory 0% APR deals. You may wish to consider 0% balance transfer cards if you need temporary cash extract for an existing business or start-up capital for a new stake. While most cards offer the 0% APR rate on either balance transfers or purchases only, a few offer 0% APR on both purchases and balance transfers, providing you with the excellent flexibility.

Interest rates can vary over time, so take time to review and compare credit cards before you decide which card might work best for your business, and read the terms and conditions of each card carefully.

Many business owners opt to carry several credit cards—one with a low interest rate or 0% APR offer for carrying balances, and one for charging expenses that they will pay off in full every month. This strategy lets you take full advantage of the cash back or rewards benefits of your small business credit card, letting you earn up to 1.5% cash back on business-related purchases, such as office supplies or gas. Or, you may opt for a card that lets you earn travel rewards, modifying you to purchase your spending towards free airline trips, class upgrades, and last-minute ticket purchases.

To maximize rewards earnings, consider adding employees as additional cardholders, a service offered for free by most small business credit cards. To control expenses, simply set spending limits for each employee; many cards even let you set limits for how much an employee can spend in specific categories.

Add employees as cardholders also enable you to consolidate your business expenses into one account. This greatly helps book-keeping – simply download your card statement into your accounting software each month. you can get expense reporting from your card broken down by employee, a service offered for free with most business credit cards.

In addition to business cards, credit cards for individuals also offer many benefits, and our site contains a wide selection. Benefits include introductory periods with 0 apr, rewards, cash back, low interest or frequent flyer miles. Each of the card categories on our site that are for individuals also includes the same business credit cards listed above.