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Average Radiologist Salary

Radiologists, of late, are in great demand. To find out what the average radiologist salary is, and how much a radiologist can expect to earn, read ahead.

A radiologist is a medical specialist who makes use of X-rays and other radioactive substances to identify, diagnose and treat various medical disorders, diseases and illnesses. Certain radiology specialists also deal with MRI scans and CT scans. Today, radiologists happen to play a vital role in the diverse healthcare industry. Also, it is predicted that the healthcare industry will be one of the few industries to witness a massive growth rate in the near future. This makes for great job prospects, career opportunities and very exciting times ahead for future as well as present radiologists. For those of you who are mulling over the idea of becoming a radiologist, here is a bit of information about the average radiologist salary, as well as a basic introduction to his job responsibilities.

What Does a Radiologist Do
Well, the most common responsibility of a radiologist is to take X-rays, study them and diagnose diseases or ailments. Patients are guided through the preparatory process wherein the radiologist or the radiologist technician explains to the patient how he or she should stand or sit while taking the X-ray, the items of jewelry to be removed, etc. In addition to working with X-rays, those radiologists having special educational qualifications, also conduct other specialized tests such as angiography, mammography, CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasounds, etc. At the same time, as per the doctor’s instructions, a radiologist may also have to be involved in the process of treating a patient (for example, one with an internal tumor) with radiation therapy. Most radiologists are employed by hospitals and laboratories, although quite a few of them are also affiliated with private clinics..

Average Radiologist Salary
So how much do radiologists earn? What is a radiologist’s yearly salary? What is the growth rate like for freshers or newcomers? Well, let us look at a few numbers regarding the average salary of a radiologist.

Now it is very difficult to put a finger on a single number and label it as the average radiologist annual salary (or in case of freshers, the average starting radiologist salary). This is because the salary of radiologist depends on a number of factors such as:
Educational qualification
Work experience
Type of employment
Type of employer
Job profile, duties and responsibilities
Special skills, etc.
However, the following numerical statistics should give you a rough idea regarding the kind of salary that is normally drawn by a radiologist. Between $ 200,000 and $ 300,000 is what a radiologist normally earns on an annual basis. Of course, the number can vary greatly (in either direction) depending upon his or her specialization and years of work experience. The starting salary for a radiologist could probably be pinned at somewhere around $ 100,000 or $ 150,000. Radiologists working in well-paying hospital jobs in the private sector can very well earn up to $ 500,000 per year. It goes without saying, that a fresher radiologist can expect his salary to increase or to multiply with additional educational qualifications and work experience in specialized areas. This is a type of medical job that is equally suitable to both men as well as women. At the same time, it is important to note, that salaries for female radiologists are also at par with those of their male counterparts
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