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Adverse Effect of Secondhand Smoke

Second hand smoke can be acquired by a person through breathing in of the tobacco smoke, been released by a person who are smoking in an area. It is produced together with the smoke coming from a tobacco or a cigarette that is known as the side stream smoke, and the exhaled smoke released by the smoker, known as the mainstream smoke.

When a person was exposed to an area and inhales secondhand smoke that person positively encounters the same toxins and chemicals, like nicotine, that smokers gain from any tobacco products.

People who are exposed in secondhand smoke usually are at risk of various health problems: especially children, they are very vulnerable to the effect o f the cigarette and its toxins had been fused in the air.

There was a study released by researchers related to secondhand smoke environment. Researchers accounted almost 35% of US children who live in areas and home where there are members of the family who used to smoke regularly. However, their research shown that almost 50 to 70 percent of children across the US is very evident of cotinine, the breakdown product of tobacco’s nicotine in the blood of these children.

Study shows that even a child who does not live in a place with a smoker member in the family, can be at risk due to the adverse effect of breathing in of secondhand smoke in their environment.

What are the health risks a person can obtain through secondhand smoke? Even it is only a secondhand smoke; people are still in danger of obtaining harmful chemicals contained by this kind of smoke. These chemicals can cause cancer, like lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses. It is also associated in other cardiovascular diseases and some other severe health problems.

Lung cancer is the most common illness a person can get through smoking and can even attain through the secondhand smoking.

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